20/hr Design – 30/hr UI/UX – 50/hr Development

There is no surprise that Website Development is a ever changing branch of your business. The reason why most customer are reading this is because 1. They are in need of a professionally created website or 2. Their website has several problems and they can’t ever get ahold of their current developer.

PLEASE Trust Us to Overcome these Issues and Allow us to begin working on your Project/Business. Our Reputation Shows that we Get The Job Done!

Web Design should not be frustrating it should be exciting and we plan to give that to you. We work all day through Skype. The reason why we do this is so that our customers can get ahold of us at anytime within working hours. We work for all types of businesses and budgets – small and large.

Website Design and Development
eCommerce Websites
Blog Design and Development
Sales Pages/Landing Page
UI/UX Page Enhancement



20/hr Graphic Design

Is it time for a refresh? or for a upgrade to your brand. Maybe you have everything set but just need some help getting it to the Web or to Print. We can help. We enjoy all sizes of project from a 100% re-brand to a business card. Our Professional Designers will take on your project and kick their creative minds into gear. We take our queues from you and what you are looking for. From there we will come up with Drafts on your particular project. We will work with you to get the right project in order.

Busienss Logo Re-Design or Creation
Web Design
Sports Logo
Landing and Sales Page Design
Blog Creative Design
Print Design
Websites, landing pages, microsites, web pages
Blog templates and themes
Mobile apps
Banner ads
Social media assets
Email Marketing assets
Letterhead, business cards
Product packaging
T-shirt designs
Annual reports



20/hr Graphic Design+Print Cost+Shipping

There is no better way to getting that next big deal then Professionally Designed Prints. Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers etc. If your wanting to take your business to the next level or you just want your print materials to have a face lift, Look No Further. We specialize in Print work that will grab the attention of your customers and pull them in by Call to Action design methods. For Pricing on Printing it obviously varies pending of what and how much. I quote can be given you quickly once that information is received.

Business Cards
CD Packages
Club Flyers
Collectors Cards
Door Hangers
DVD Packages
Event Tickets
Folded Business Cards
Greeting Cards
Hang Tags
Mini Menus
Rack Cards
Rip Cards
Roll Labels
Rolodex Cards
Special Shapes
Staggered Flyers
Table Tents
A-Frame Signs
IllumaPrint Panels
Posters (Wide)
Retractable Stands
Window Clings
Window Decals
Window Perfs
Yard Signs
New Icon
Wall Décor
Framed Prints
Metal Wall Prints
Mounted Wall Prints
Photo Plaque


80/hr SEO Development

SEO is the most complicated of all our services. With Google Rankings we do all that is required for Google to start paying attention to your website. By doing so it helps us see all your Analytics and improves your future marketing campaigns. Once those backend plugins are in place, we then go to your adwords and see what converts. So many business spend money on False adwords that are in no direct benefit to your business. If it does not work/convert we switch it out immediately. With less competition, higher organically SEO generated rankings are more attainable.The methodology has drastically changed for sure. From our SEO strategies that we but in place. All of it is to hopefully boost your rankings.


20/hr Design – 18/hr Social Media

Whether you have existing marketing campaigns or not. We look forward to opening up your Marketing window to new heights. We will research your company and its analytics and by doing so, we will offer our expertise on how it should be best approached. There are too many business spending money with no return. We can change that. Allow us your trust to meet and go over creative ideas for an effective return on your investment.

It’s Easy, You set the Budget. We give you a layout of what we can do under that amount. No up-selling, no pressure. It is just us working with you and your level of comfort.

Marketing Price Plans
– Monthly Budget (per Month) – Again you set the budget then, we lay out our Marketing Plan to fit Budget.
– Marketing One Time Fee – Pending on Task, most project will be working under a hourly basis. Whatever is needed for your campaign. $15/h Marketing Management, $20/hr Graphic Design, $30/50/hr Web Development

Social Media Marketing
Sales Pages/Landing Page Marketing
Web Page Analysis
Marketing Structure Review
Contest Pages
Email Marketing
Traditional Marketing
Call to Action (CTA) Marketing
Seasonal Marketing
Eccomerce Marketing
Event Marketing
Outbound Marketing
Newsletter Marketing